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Open scene files

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When you have the necessary permissions for the scene function in your enterprise, you can open scene files accessible to you in DataMesh One using the following steps in MR mode:

The steps to open a scene file in MR mode are as follows:

1. On the main interface, click on the Scene tab to enter the scene interface.

2. In the Scene interface, browse and open the folder containing the target scene file. Scroll through the folder’s contents using the dropdown scrollbar, locate the scene file you want to play, and click to open the scene file.

3. After opening the scene file, move the camera (field of view) to recognize the environment and automatically place resources.

4. You can click the positioning button  to enter the joystick adjustment mode.

5. In joystick adjustment mode, or by switching to gaze mode, adjust the position of the scene. Once the resource placement is complete, click   to finish scene position adjustment. For more information on resource positioning, please refer to the relevant instructions for Resource positioning.

6. After completing the scene position adjustment, enter scene playback mode. You can move the camera to roam the entire scene.

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