DataMesh Director

Create 3D Digital Twin Content With Drag and Drop

Leveraging existing 3D assets like CAD/BIM files, DataMesh Director enables quick 3D Digital Twin content creation with PPT like drag-and-drop experience. With out-of-the-box support of IoT data binding, remote collaboration, one-click cross-platform content publishing, DataMesh Director users can create job SOP, support guide, 3D product manual, and real-time monitoring of robots and equipment, greatly improve frontline worker’s experience and efficiency. 

DataMesh Director is composed of content creation app DataMesh Studio and collaboration app DataMesh One.  DataMesh Studio supports macOS, iPadOS, and Microsoft Windows 10. DataMesh One App is available on Apple iOS App Store, Android APK, Microsoft Store, Nreal, LLVision, Shadowcreator, Magic Leap. Certain platforms may have different feature sets due to hardware limitations.

CAD/BIM Support

Leveraging existing CAD/BIM assets to speed up Digital Twin content creation process and lower the cost of adoption

PowerPoint-like Editing

Unlike the professional tools, DataMesh Director is built for everyone. User can quickly complete tasks such as 3D training guidance, explanations, sales persentations within 10 mins of learning, reducing the cost of content production significantly

Enterprise Security & Privacy

OOTB support of enterprise-level authorization and authentication, encryption at transit, data scrubing policies, and ready to get GDPR compliance

Mixed Reality Ready

Create content then deploy to your AR/MR capable devices like iPhone, iPad, HoloLens, Nreal, and compitable Android devices with a single click

IoT Data Binding

Secure real-time data binding from multiple IoT platforms, quick and straightforward digital twin entity mapping - WYSIWYG

Remote Collaboration

Provide remote expert with transparent information and operation processes to help frontline workers break the barriers of communication and reducing the cost greatly

CES Asia Product Innovation Award

FASTCOMPANY Best Innovation Design Award


Empower your business

Remote collaboration

Remote collaboration

Large scale multi-user mixed reality remote collaboration with cross-device support. Optimized network stack to support real-time 3D content collaboration, reducing ineffective communication

Teaching and training

Training and Education

Fast 3D content and courseware editing, zero code required, entry-level user-friendly, reducing training TCO

After-sales support

After-sales support

The combination of virtual and real product operation steps to improve the after-sales service experience, reduce costs, increase efficiency

Layout planning

Layout planning

1: 1 scene restoration, factory manufacturing line planning, public space design, and support for BIM integration

AR Experience

AR Experience

Improve your e-commerce conversion rate with large-space mixed reality collaboration experience, a quick demonstration of product capability through the 3D presentation, first-person and spectator view mixed reality HD video recording

remote medical


Remote consultation, coordination of expert, efficient communication, MR collaboration, Maximize resource utilization

Supported Devices

DataMesh Director enables cross-platform Mixed Reality collaboration.  Microsoft Windows 10 PC, Mac (Intel/Apple Silicon), HoloLens, Magic Leap, iPhone, iPad, Nreal, LLVISION are supported out-of-the-box. Android-based device support can be requested case-by-case.

DataMesh Director provides both SaaS subscription and private deployment options