Interested in DataMesh?

An education and training tool that utilizes MR and digital twin technologies to improve engineer skills to ensure expressway safety

DataMesh supports Nexco-East Engineering, in collaboration with Microsoft to develope a cutting-edge training app using MR and digital twin technologies to address the challenges of Nexco-East Engineering vast expressway network, achieving efficient training and ensuring engineers are equipped with the expertise needed to excel in their roles.

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DataMesh Unveils New Digital Twin-based Simulator Platform

DataMesh launched DataMesh Simulator 2.0, an innovative platform designed to provide operators with an immersive learning experience for equipment operation simulation training, job simulation training, and operational behavior assessment in heavy machinery, mining equipment, specialized vehicles, aircraft, and more.

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DataMesh Director 5.5 Released

DataMesh Director 5.5 has been released recently. With the brand-new camera movement feature and various function optimizations, users can have fun exploring the creation and editing of digital twin content more efficiently.

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