DataMesh FactVerse

Enterprise Metaverse Platform for Frontline Workers

DataMesh FactVerse platform and apps brings the open-world gaming architecture and scenario designers to the enterprise world, breaking the barrier of spatial data processing and real-time 3D collaboration, enabling front-line workers to benefit from modern workspace technology and increase productivity.

Enable Content Creators

The combination of LCAP platform and zero code 3D process designer of FactVerse enables content creators to start building Enterprise Metaverse scenes without hassle

Cost Saving

By saving on physical devices, more trainees can use AR mode for hands-on training without having to wait, which not only saves cost on the purchase of real machines but also increases training efficiency by 40%

Enable Hybrid Work

Allowing operators to access virtual equipment and facility remotely at any time and from any location through XR experience, with ~25% productivity increase

Instant ROI

Enable Digital Twin access to everyone, especially Frontline Workers, increase productivity for the masses

Empower Frontline Workers

Training and Guidance

Based on the digital twin and 3D instruction of the equipment, IoT data, and the environment, we can improve the ability of frontline workers to operate and maintain the facilities and increase productivity. Compared with traditional operational training, we have seen a >60% training cost reduction and >30% productivity increase within many manufacturing customers.


By fully visualizing the digital twin of facilities and equipment, the new experience allows potential buyers and learners to quickly improve their knowledge of unfamiliar environments at a lower cost without interfering with the production environment.

Monitor and Control

A well-connected digital twin environment can enable better operations based on real-time data, with maintenance, inspection, and remote control capabilities. The idea of monitor and control sounds pretty straightforward, but this is the most challenging work in the real world – lacking existing meaningful data collection and control mechanisms are common issues today.


With a gamified approach to building and running the digital twin environment of the facility, it can now be operated like a simulation game, like SimCity. Such simulation emphasizes the relationship and operation mechanism between equipment. Digital Twin Objects can be defined with behavior trees and AI, making them act like NPCs in games. Production data can be injected into such simulation runtime – to make it a living environment for large-scale planning, training, prediction, and remote management.

DataMesh FactVerse enabled us to monitor, control and plan the manufacturing environment with ease.


Equipment Manufacturing


Currently, DataMesh FactVerse can be provided as on-premise license and cloud deployment license. The license is per-node based. We are working on the PAYG option for 2023 launch.

It’s actually pretty easy to implement FactVerse for most of the environment. DataMesh FactVerse provides OOTB zero-code designer so content creator can start in no time.

From past experience, an organization can start to deploy FactVerse and expect positive ROI in less than 3 months, with the right scope. 

You can begin with talking to our sales representitives using the red Contact Us button below. You can also check with our partners like Microsoft, NTT docomo, Singtel and Fujistu.