Simulator Platform

Digital Twin Powered Operator Training

Based on a solid 6-DOF motion platform and DataMesh Digital Twin services, DataMesh Simulator Platform enables heavy equipment manufacturers to create full expereience training simulators with ease. 

Full Experience

Built on top of a 6-DOF motion platform, full physics, audio, and vibration simulation, DataMesh Simulator Platform can leverage the machine's original cab and real operating system interface with no experience trade-off.

Operation Safety

Compared with traditional heavy machinery operator training that uses a real machine, which brings in the risk of accident, DataMesh Simulator Platform helps the new operators grow their skill without safety concerns.

Breaking training Barrier

Traditional heavy equipment training requires in-person trainers. Travel and lodging costs, trainer personnel costs, and foreign language barriers are all hurting training efficiency. With DataMesh Simulator Platform self-instructed courses and multi-language support, such cost can be driven down significantly.

Energy efficient

Instead of consuming diesel or gas, the DataMesh Simulator Platform is powered by electricity. Not only are we using clean energy, but the cost can also be driven down to less than 1/10, compared with the traditional training method.

Revolutionize Operation Training

Digital Twin Modeling

DataMesh Simulator Platform leverages product design data to simulate the machine as a Digital Twin entity. Physical movement, audio, noise, and operating environment can be simulated based on different training scenarios. 

6DOF Platform with Real Cab

6-DOF motion platform with real operation cab enables the best handling experience for the trainee. All controls and feedback are connected tightly with the system of the cab and the digital twin platform. Muscle memory can be trained without compromise. 

Next-Gen Rendering and Experience

Using top of the line GPUs, DataMesh Simulator Platform support 4x4K realtime rendering with multi-camera simulation.

SANY is one of the heavy machinery industry leaders. Overseas heavy machinery training and support poses a challenge to further business growth due to the lack of professional operator training and support. Based on the DataMesh Simulator Platform, 6-DOF Drill Rig Simulator training was delivered for multiple models.


Beijing, China


Due to its size and complexity, simulators are customized case by case. The first step is to create a digital twin of the real product. It can then be built in batch, depending on the requirements. To provide the best experience, our technician needs to analyse the requirements first. Please fill in the form here: to get a quote.

Not through DataMesh. If you are an end user,  you need to purchase the simulators through the equpiment maker. The equipment maker, which owns the intellectual property of training content,  may provide sales and support services for the simulator based on DataMesh platform. 

DataMesh Simulator Platform is a modular system,which can be designed and assembled in seperate locations.