DataMesh Solutions

Training & Guidance

DataMesh Digital Twin operation training platform can help enterprises solve the problems such as lack of interaction and experience、low training efficiency, and large hidden losses caused by improper training .

Teaching& Guidance

Fast 3D content and courseware editing, zero code required, entry-level user-friendly, reducing training TCO

Multiple Devices

Pre-job Training

DataMesh provides a digital twin pre-job training platform that solves a large number of 3D training courseware and scalability needs, enhances training interactivity, visualization of internal structure, and remote collaboration, greatly improving training quality and efficiency, and improving corporate talent optimization.

Heavy Machine Operation Training

Built on top of a 6-DOF motion platform, full physics, audio, and vibration simulation, DataMesh Simulator Platform can leverage the machine's original cab and real operating system interface with no experience trade-off.

Collaborative Design

Remote Collaborative Design

The DataMesh digital twin design collaboration system realizes cross-regional and cross-terminal 3D content production and 3D visual design collaboration. Precision electronic / consumer product design communication efficiency is increased by 14%, and multi-stage product design cycle is shortened by 13 days.

DataMesh Products & Services


DataMesh Director & Cloud Services

DataMesh Director is an enterprise level mixed reality design and collaboration platform. It provides great features like CAD import, fast storyboard creation, layout design, MR cloud, multi-user collaboration and presentation. It can also be integrated with DataMesh DataMix knowledge graph to provide Mixed Reality training and guidance in real-time.

Consulting & Deployment Services

DataMesh product and services can be deployed both on-premise and on cloud. The consulting team will engage with your business team and create detailed requirement analysis and design. Custom LOB apps can be created on top of DataMesh PaaS and leverage all capabilities the platform provides.​