DataMesh Checklist

Step-by-step AR Guidance

A process visualization system for front-line personnel. It helps employees to standardize operation processes, quickly retrieve equipment data, reduce operation error rate, optimize workflow, improve productivity and employee satisfaction. For the employer, the solution can save training cost, equipment loss cost and personnel flow cost. DataMesh Checklist is mainly used in operation guidance, job training and maintenance inspection.

Process + AR

Free your hands and help front-line personnel quickly adapt to the equipment operation process through the relevant information and data displayed by AR devices, reducing the error rate and improving efficiency.


Drag-and-drop process editing, support for text, images, video, 3D models and animations, IoT data binding, and also support for interfacing with people and work orders and reporting systems.

Maintenance Guidance

Provide real-time feedback based on the pre-defined process, to ensure the correctness of the staff's work steps, enabling organizations to continuously optimize the workflow and minimize the loss caused by mistakes.

Cross-Platform Collaboration

Cross-platform support for multiple AR glasses, cell phones, and tablets. Content only needs to be produced once, then it can be used by any AR devices.

Empower Frontline Workers

Operation Guidance

In process-oriented processes such as point inspection and assembly, traditional guidance documents are often paper-based and lack the ability to dynamically obtain information and completely free hands, which affects the rapid response capability of front-line personnel.

DataMesh Checklist helps users to quickly get the process guidance for the equipment, while showing historical work order records and current status of the equipment. The AR based real-time data dashboard improves the speed and quality of front-line personnel to complete the tasks.

Zero-Code Cross Platform Publishing

Using DataMesh Checklist’s zero-code visual editing of the publishing process, users can import text, images, videos, 3D processes and other guidance information and publish to cell phones, tablets and XR glasses with one click. Edit once, use anywhere.

remote maintenance

Performance Evaluation Mode

DataMesh Checklist can save all the data when the end user confirming the workflow. With performance evaluation mode, movement tracking data and key operation data will be saved and compared. Now the performance of each trainee completing the same type of task can be analyzed and evaluated.

Monitoring and maintenance of water quality detectors for sewers. Click here to watch it on Youtube

Water Cycle Maintenance



Please contact DataMesh sales team for further planning and deployment information.

Similar to DataMesh Director, DataMesh Checklist is using a Editor – Viewer licensing model.

Data integration of 3rd party system is done through the middleware of DCS (DataMesh Digital Twin Cloud Services). Please contact DataMesh sales team for further information.

DataMesh Checklist recommends using Microsoft Azure as the platform hosting services.