DataMesh Digital Twin

Support & Maintenance

DataMesh Digital Twin platform allows easy CAD data import. Product 3D model can be bound to real-time data such as IoT platforms and time series databases to generate Product Twins. A full Product Twin accurately describes the structure and operation SOPs of the equipment in cyberspace, and has the real-time status of the product.  


Product Twin can be used for assembly teaching, remote support, equipment operation and maintenance, after-sales maintenance guidance, and other scenarios to improve personnel efficiency.


Knowledge Graph & Digital Assistant

DataMesh Digital Assistant integrates business data and knowledge, creates knowledge graph through Machine Learning and NLP, enables first line workers to solve complex problems quickly.

Training & Guidance

DataMesh Director Mixed Reality Training helps users get training scenario data and view and run specific demos from any angle. Users can learn from anywhere without the actual operation of a holographic professor or an interactive shared 3D virtual system.

Related Products & Services

DataMesh Director (SaaS/On-Premise)

Leveraging existing 3D assets like CAD/BIM files, DataMesh Director enables quick 3D Digital Twin content creation with PPT like drag-and-drop experience. With out-of-the-box support of IoT data binding, remote collaboration, one-click cross-platform content publishing, DataMesh Director users can create job SOP, support guide, 3D product manual, and real-time monitoring of robots and equipment, greatly improve frontline worker’s experience and efficiency.

DataMesh Checklist

A process visualization system for front-line personnel. It helps employees to standardize operation processes, quickly retrieve equipment data, reduce operation error rate, optimize workflow, improve productivity and employee satisfaction. For the employer, the solution can save training cost, equipment loss cost and personnel flow cost. DataMesh Checklist is mainly used in operation guidance, job training, and maintenance inspection.

Customer Cases

BELLSYSTEM24 & De'Longhi

BELLESYSTEM24 is one of the largest customer support service company in Japan, with 35 self-built call centers, 17,000 fixed-person seats (as of 2020). De'Longhi is one of the leading home appliance maker in Itlay, with subsidaries all over the world. By building and adopting a next-generation product call and support platform with DataMesh Director and Cloud services, BELLSYSTEM24 and De'Longhi are revolutionizing the future of the call center and support experience. It significantly reduces support cost, improve productivity, enable remote work possibility, and enhancing market competitiveness.


DataMesh DataMix integrates with enterprise data, using Machine Learning and NLP to generate knowledge graph for business applications automatically. Based on input data like location, machine error id, part number, DataMix can recommend the right solution and expert contact to first-line workers. With the input from IoT sensors, DataMix can be used to build predictive maintenance apps. ​