DataMesh Cloud Services

Digital Twin Collaboration Made Easy

Having too much unstructured/structured data stored but don’t know how to use them? DataMesh DataMix leverages NLP & Machine Learning to help enterprise to quickly extract knowledge graph from untouched data, for example, work order archive,  IoT data, performance data, etc. 

Break Knowledge Isolation

Integrate and analyze internal and external data. Discover potential value of existing data for enterprise customer

Leverage Unstructured Data

Cloud storage to store, index and distribute content. SharePoint Adaptor to enable Knowledge management and enterprise content management scenarios. Toolkit for Data Scientist. Quick data visualization.

Improve Workflow with ML & MR

With DCS, we connect Mixed Reality to other platforms, to perfectly present your content on all VR/AR headsets, tablets, mobile phones and even cardboard glasses, anytime, anywhere.

Recommendation to Prediction

Connect data, story and device. Finger or voice to give command. Leverage data to monitor machine status. Mixed Reality to simulate design result.

DataMix: From Data To Knowledge

Data Import

DataMesh DCS (Formerly DataMix) imports various mainstream structured and unstructured data, e.g. office documents, CAD documents, work order archives, video and pictures, etc. Delta imports can be executed automatically 24/7.

Knowledge Graph

Through word-breaking and pre-defined models, DCS can identify different entities from imported data. With smart ranking and tags to describe knowledge, it can extract ideas and create knowledge graph with business related entities like people, work order and errors.

Smart Search

Based on the knowledge graph, DCS filters search results based on business applications, using similarity calculation to recommend knowledge to the end user, creates an intelligent search engine for the first line worker.

Data Visualization

Integrating with IoT sensor data, DCS can be used to compute and analyze patterns of behaviors. This can be used in Digital Twin Predictive Maintenance and data visualization.

Get Industry Data Smarter

Maintenance Guide

In the work scene, engineers often face intricate situations.

How to quickly analyze, insight into problems and give solutions is the key to solving problems. Knowledge is becoming a key factor in this process. The traditional way of flipping through materials and searching the web does not respond quickly. DataMesh Digital Twin Cloud Services (DCS) helps users build knowledge map capabilities and intelligent search and recommendation capabilities to solve this problem.

When maintenance engineers are unable to accurately describe the problem, DataMesh DataMix’s knowledge mapping technology helps to provide engineers with recommendations for specific scenarios based on problem information, fuzzy keyword aggregation and associated solutions, through active push and passive search. Maintenance efficiency.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance provides an excellent solution for keeping your equipment healthy.

DataMesh DCS data analysis module helps companies analyze the operational status of industrial equipment and its components and make predictions. When a possible failure is analyzed, the equipment manager can be reminded to perform pre-maintenance to replace or repair it before repairs, to avoid higher cost damage and to reduce equipment downtime.

DataMesh DataMix helps users build predictive maintenance solutions that integrate big data, machine learning and other technologies to provide opportunities for people to interact with machines, significantly improving maintenance efficiency and reducing O&M costs.

Information & Risk Analysis

How to stand out from the competition through professional and efficient after-sales service has become the direction of many companies to constantly think and work hard.

Strong customer service capabilities often rely on the company’s combing and accurate response to its own business, and enterprise knowledge will be the foundation. DataMesh DataMix helps companies quickly build knowledge maps and build knowledge bases for specific businesses with in-house experts. By quickly connecting customer information, intelligent distribution of knowledge helps knowledge users to at least improve knowledge search efficiency by more than 50%.

Not only that, DataMesh DCS is able to continuously improve the quality of the map according to business changes, helping customer service staff to quickly and accurately solve customer problems and make customers more satisfied.

DataMesh DataMix enabled our Digital Assistant to help our maintenance workers to quickly identify issues and find solutions, improved our efficiency.

Maintenance Manager

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We generally license our software using Nodes/Consumption model. For on-premise, per-node license is used. Each node can process certain numbers of data items. There is a service assurance fee per year. 

That is depending on the scope. Generally speaking, if the deployment plan is settled, the real deployment and LOB App building process is pretty fast – no more than 12 weeks.

Contact our consultant team and create a high level deployment plan! We will help you to define each milestones to make sure your project to be successful. 

DataMesh DataMix recommends Microsoft Azure as IaaS layer.