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After opening DataMesh Importer, click on the settings button in the toolbar, and select Account > Account Login from the drop-down menu to open the login page.

Following figure is the login interface:

The login interface supports the following configuration:

    • Language: DataMesh Importer supports Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese languages.
    • Server List: You can switch to different servers, including China Mainland, Japan, and Singapore.
    • Private Deployment: If an enterprise has deployed a private server, users need to enter the exclusive service code for the private deployment when logging in.
    • Third-party Login: For more information about third-party login, please refer to the specific section on Third-party login in the user manual.

Regular login

To log in to DataMesh Importer, use your FactVerse account and password on the login interface.

1. Open the login interface of DataMesh Importer.

2. Select the desired language and server.

3. If your enterprise has deployed a private server, please follow the configuration steps below before logging in:

a. Click the private deployment icon .

b. Enter the exclusive service code provided by your enterprise in the Private deployment service dialog box, for example: “dtcs-sg”.

c. Click on Confirm to return to the login dialog interface.

4. Enter your account and password of FactVerse.

5. Click Sign in.

6. If you have only one enterprise account, then you will log into the Home Page directly.

7. If you have multiple enterprise accounts, an enterprise list will be shown. Choose one account, and then the Home Page of DataMesh Importer will be shown.

Third-party login

For third-party login, it uses Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) which is an identity and access management service of Microsoft to improve security when use DataMesh FactVerse Services. Open the login interface of DataMesh Importer.

1. Select the language and server.

2. If your company has deployed a private service, you need to configure the private server settings before logging in.

3. Click Microsoft third-party login icon, and then enter third-party account and password to log in.

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