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FactVerse Designer is an industrial metaverse designer aimed at providing solutions for industries such as manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and more. It offers a spatial/system/scene simulation tool with the ability to create and edit, allowing users to easily design and simulate systems with complex logic.

Core Capabilities

FactVerse Designer possesses the following core capabilities:

    • Standardized Transformation and Digital Twin Scene Organization

FactVerse Designer efficiently converts enterprise 3D data into standardized digital twin scenes, allowing accurate simulation and visualization of real-world scenarios.

    • Data-Driven and Operational Logic

FactVerse Designer supports data driven and operational logic features. Users can connect with business systems to edit and drive scene operations based on real scenario data. Additionally, it is possible to design, control, and adjust the operational logic of various elements within the scene in a drag-and-drop manner based on the behavior tree tool.

    • Real-Time Optimization and Adjustment Based on Scene Execution

Driven by digital twin data and behavior tree, the scene operation is simulated based on a timeline. Users can observe the actual appearance and effects of the scene operation. They can adjust and optimize the scene layout based on real-time data feedback, quickly identifying and resolving issues in layout, business logic settings, and upstream and downstream connections in the target real scene.

    • Scene Editing Tools and Effect Components

FactVerse Designer provides a wealth of scene editing tools and effect components, empowering users to freely create and edit various scenes, achieving a more realistic and detailed simulation effect.

Application scenarios

FactVerse Designer will assist enterprises in improving efficiency, optimizing operations, and enhancing industrial and manufacturing processes. Its primary application scenarios are outlined below:

Training: Through the digital twin/3D instructions of equipment and XR guidance, FactVerse Designer can rapidly enhance the operational and facility maintenance skills of frontline workers, thereby increasing productivity.

Experience: Leveraging various XR devices, FactVerse Designer provides immersive digital twin scene experiences, allowing visitors and learners to quickly enhance their understanding of unfamiliar objects without disrupting production order.

Monitor and control: Based on the digital twins of facilities and equipment, FactVerse Designer supports facility and equipment maintenance, status checks, and operational supervision to ensure the normal operation of facilities and equipment.

Simulation: FactVerse Designer, based on the digital twins of facilities and equipment, can simulate and replicate the real operation and operational logic of facilities and equipment. This is particularly useful in scenarios involving extensive planning, training, prediction, and management.

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