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DataMesh Studio is a visualized 3D content editing tool which supports the creation of digital twins. It is user-friendly and efficient. With DataMesh Studio, you can easily create 3D digital twin scenarios using a no-code and drag-and-drop approach. 

You can create 3D digital twin scenario easily via DataMesh Studio, including instructions for exploded views, internal structure decomposition, audio, video, picture, and text addition of 3D model. Besides, DataMesh Studio supports procedure editing and application instruction of large space digital twin as well, which provides more convenient content creation experience to users. 

DataMesh Studio also enables publishing content to DataMesh FactVerse platform for resources storage and management with one-click operation. These digital twin scenarios can be displayed in DataMesh One in the way of MR. Users can realize 3D MR coordinated operation and remote coordination with other users. 

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