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The complete Checklist workflow requires collaboration with the FactVerse Services platform.

1. Business supervisors: leaders responsible for inspection and checklist tasks, such as team leaders.

1). First, create templates on the FactVerse Services platform.

2). Then create inspection plans and spot check tasks to complete configuration and management of equipment inspection.

For more details, please refer to Create inspection plans and spot check tasks.

2. Inspectors: Frontline staff responsible for inspecting equipment.

Inspectors use the Checklist to perform equipment inspections as required and execute tasks.

For more details, please refer to Execute inspection tasks.

3. Business supervisors or enterprise managers (managers other than business supervisors):

1). They can use the FactVerse service platform to view inspection records and equipment statistics, understand the overall status of equipment and tasks.

2). Provide task completion feedback through annotations.

3). They can also flexibly adjust personnel and tasks based on actual inspection situations.

For more details, please refer to View records and statistics.

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