DataMesh Director 4.0

Digital Twin Remote Platform

Zero code guide authoring   Low-cost content import    Display augmented reality contents  Cloud resource management   Enterprise-level identity and security


DataMesh One

Multidevice remote collaboration

DataMesh Studio

Zero code guide authoring

DataMesh One​

MR interaction experience

Remote collaboration

Large scale multi-user mixed reality remote collaboration with cross-device support. Optimized network stack to support real-time 3D content collaboration, reducing ineffective communication

Teaching and training

Fast 3D content and courseware editing, zero code required, entry-level user-friendly, reducing training TCO

Layout planning

1: 1 scene restoration, factory manufacturing line planning, public space design, and support for BIM integration

After-sales support

The combination of virtual and real product operation steps to improve the after-sales service experience, reduce costs, increase efficiency

AR Experience

Improve your e-commerce conversion rate with large-space mixed reality collaboration experience, a quick demonstration of product capability through the 3D presentation, first-person and spectator view mixed reality HD video recording

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