Create Your Apple Vision Pro Spatial Scenarios without Programming! DataMesh Director is Now Available on the AVP Store

– Are you a creator who feels envious of all kinds of cool apps on Apple Vision Pro, and wants to bring your own ideas to life, but finds programming is really a headache–?

– Are you a developer who is tired and dizzy with modifying the program written in Unity 3D or Swift due to the daily changing customer requirements of Apple Vision Pro app design?

– Are you a head of an innovation center who is frustrated with describing your spatial computing ideas in words, but your vendor just cannot understand? You want to immediately make a prototype and put it into his headset, and tell him: look, that’s what I mean.

Then you’ve come to the right place. Now explore DataMesh Director’s newly released Vision Pro version.

Just search DataMesh in your Vision Pro store and download the app DataMesh One, you can quickly design ideas with zero-code drag and drop in DataMesh Studio downloaded from PC and MAC stores, import your 3D materials, quickly design spatial scenarios, and publish them into your Apple Vision Pro with one click. No need to know Swift or Unity 3D, no need to go through the pitfalls of Vision Pro application development from scratch, you can easily realize your spatial computing ideas.

What Is DataMesh Director?

After six years of development, the award-winning DataMesh Director is now in version 6.2, which allows you to quickly design and create spatial scenarios without writing a single line of code. DataMesh Director’s spatial scenario is a kind of spatially based interactive storytelling, which has traditionally been used for teaching, training, marketing, and operational guidance. It allows you and your audience to experience different scenes in a shared mixed reality space. Now it’s also used by imaginative friends to edit funny plots and even design murder mystery games. If you’re already using Apple Vision Pro, why not try breaking the mold and pushing the limits?

Why Use DataMesh Director?

Here’re the benefits of using DataMesh Director:

Easy to use: you don’t need any programming skills, just drag, drop, place, edit and preview your spatial scenarios elements, including characters, props, sound effects, music, dialogue, actions, etc., in DataMesh Studio, just like creating a 3D PPT. Future versions will also support direct gesture editing in space, further liberating your creativity.

Rich and diverse: You can also import your own materials, such as images, videos, 3D models, etc., or select scenario materials from the resources and tools provided by DataMesh to make your spatial scenario more personalized and unique.

Efficient collaboration: You can collaborate with your team members to edit and produce the spatial scenario. You can also share and experience the spatial scenario with your audience in real time, and get their feedback and suggestions through the multiplayer mode to make your spatial scenario more perfect and exciting.

Cross-platform compatibility: You can use DataMesh Director on Apple Vision Pro, iPad, iPhone, ARCore-enabled Android phones, Snapdragon Spaces-enabled glasses. If you wish to make your own commercial application, you can also embed your scenario into your own app by DataMesh FactVerse SDK. Create your scenario once, play it anywhere, modify the content anytime, and never waste resources.

As we are still working hard to overcome the compatibility issues of different platforms and imperfections in the development toolchain, the following features are not yet available on the Vision Pro platform:

  • PDF files
  • Web tools
  • Advanced resources (SDK-based customization tools)
  • Special effects elements
  • Hot zones

Some known bugs – expected to be fixed in the coming months:

  • The virtual keyboard would sometimes fall to the ground
  • Some models have flickering issues
  • Transparent components of the model may appear unstable

Limitations & recommendations:

Due to the limited memory of Apple Vision Pro, it is recommended not to build too large scenarios (excessive model complexity), and the optimization service is still being adjusted.

How to Download and Use DataMesh Director?

DataMesh Director Vision Pro version is now available in the App Store. You can search for DataMesh One (client) in the Apple Vision Pro app store, and DataMesh Importer (resource import tool) and DataMesh Studio (design tool) in the PC/Mac app store to install, or just click to download: DataMesh Importer PC version; DataMesh Importer Mac version; DataMesh Studio PC version; DataMesh Studio Mac version.

You can apply for a trial account at To purchase, please contact Visit the official website of DataMesh for more information and support.


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