DataMesh Director 5.4 Released

DataMesh Director 5.4 offers a variety of new features and major enhancements to help users create and manage digital twin resources more quickly and easily, with an optimized user experience. Meanwhile, at this exciting moment, we are presenting the brand-new icons of the DataMesh Director family.

New icons of DataMesh Director

New features of DataMesh Studio

  • NEW pane of the “Resources” library and “Roles” now supports users to adjust the size of the area freely, by clicking and dragging the slider.
  • NEW search function in the “Resources” library has been added. With the new file type filter, users can find resources more quickly.
  • NEW toolbar that features a set of buttons including Home, Save, Undo, and Redo has been added in the upper left corner. Moreover, new capabilities include Group, Ungroup, Copy, Paste, and Delete.
  • NEW “Group” function allows users to group multiple selected roles. Users can create a name for the group, adjust its position and rotate it, in short, using the group as a role.
  • NEW “Light Source” gadget enables users to add light sources to a scene, supporting the configuration of attributes including light intensity, color, and light range. Two light sources are added by default when a scenario is created in DataMesh Director 5.4. Users can then modify the light sources based on their needs afterwards. When a scene is being played, the light source models are automatically hidden.
Adjusting the range of the lighting

Adjusting the angle of the lighting

Adjusting the intensity of the lighting

Adjusting the color of the lighting

New features of DataMesh One

  1. NEW support for the Azure Spatial Anchor function for the positioning of a scenario. Once configured, the positioning of a scenario is set up and remains effective until further changes are made.*
  2. NEW support for scanning a QR code to view 3D resources quickly. The button is in the upper right corner.
  3. The ability to operate 2D resources in scenarios has been enhanced, with new supports including full screen, pause, mute, fast forward, rewind, and pin a 2D resource on top.
  4. The operation panel has been redesigned to improve functionality and users’ efficiency.
  5. Bug fixes and other operational experience optimization.

New features of DataMesh Importer

  1. NEW support for the quick view of models. By dragging a model file onto the Importer icon, users can view the models immediately.
  2. NEW “Operating Parameters” pane to display key parameters such as memory usage, DrawCall, Batches, and FPS.
  3. Bug fixes and other operational experience optimization.


1. Third-party login is not yet supported on macOS devices.

2. DataMesh One 5.3.3 and earlier versions do not support opening a scenario created by Studio 5.4.

The DataMesh Director 5.4 has been published on all supported platform app stores. Customers who have purchased DataMesh SaaS services can directly upgrade the DataMesh Director client. For any queries, please contact

*Note: The function of spatial anchor requires Microsoft Azure Spatial Anchors services. For the pricing, please visit here.

CICT Mobile Improves Production Efficiency with Digital Twin Factory


Company Name: CICT Mobile

Industry: Mobile communication

Deployment: An enterprise metaverse platform deployed by DataMesh FactVerse

Features: Zero-code design of digital twins and scenes, management of digital twin resources, monitoring and simulation of production, remote collaboration, and cross-platform support.

With the rapid development of emerging technologies like 5G, digital twin, and XR, digital transformation in manufacturing has become more about intelligence. The digital twin platforms that support visualization, computing and operationality can help enterprises reduce costs, increase efficiency and become more data-driven.

The Challenge

CICT Mobile is an innovative leader in the global mobile communication field. Represented by 5G, it is a key contributor to technical development and standardization that drives the industrial growth of 5G technology globally. With the information system including production data collection and analysis with the 5G network, CICT Mobile hoped to build a digital twin factory to help front-line employees to increase overall productivity.

The requirements for the new digital factory platform include:

Monitoring & Collaboration: monitors production by real-time data and supports different roles to view respective data according to their role/tasks to drive collaboration and efficiency.

Data Utilization: provides better visualization of data and interactivity than traditional platforms

Data-driven: focuses on not just “visualization” but more importantly should establish a mapping between the real production data and the digital twins of factory/ equipment.

Independence & Resilience: the platform should be autonomously operational so users can make updates according to the newest production line planning as production needs change.

Mixed Reality Capabilities: achieve the reuse of 3D resources across digital twin scenes to fully tap data value and help front-line operations.

The Deployment

Based on DataMesh FactVerse, CICT Mobile has deployed a digital twin factory that can be operated autonomously, with real production data connected to the digital factory, and has acquired a range of zero-code tools of FactVerse Designer to create digital twins and scenes easily, monitor the production, and create simulations and drive collaboration.

VIDEO: CICT Mobile Improves Production Efficiency with Digital Twin Factory

The deployments include:

FactVerse Management Services for 3D device and model processing, digital twin creation, and digital twin resources management.

FactVerse Run-time Engine maintains the operations of the digital twin scenes, supporting multi-person collaboration and interactivity.

FactVerse Designer comprises various zero-code tools to support the creation and editing of the multi-floor factory’s various production areas, including equipment layout, material planning, and data reports of diverse types. With FactVerse Designer, users can make sure the equipment, equipment data types, data report formats, etc., are following the newest production requirements.

Data Fusion Services (DFS) enables data-driven applications based on MES information. By the visualization of MES information, after setting up thresholds, when an alarm goes off, users can quickly locate the problem, check it and assign a task – all achieved through the twin factory side. Similarly, with video surveillance data, users can quickly locate the problem and report it when the video analytics system identifies and reports an abnormality.

DFS also supports a dashboard to showcase an overview of integrated equipment management data from the real factory, with support for different data access levels and multi-level collaboration features.

Data Panels display parameters, production data, production planning, productive capacity data, operations status, etc. In the alarm information section, users can click any virtual device to pop up a panel to check the abnormality reported, assign a maintenance task, or simply remove the report.

Multi-platform Support allows users to view the factory and scenes in 360-degree panoramic roaming mode or fixed-angle view mode, across PCs and mobile devices.

The Outcomes

Reduced costs. Compared with custom platform development, DataMesh FactVerse makes the deployment of digital factories easier and faster, and more cost-effective. Besides, the platform can be continuously upgraded and iterated, thanks to the zero-code tools available.

Better data utilization. The reuse of data assets and twin resources in the creation and new designs of more production lines or scenarios helps CICT Mobile unleash the value of data.

Enhanced monitoring. CICT Mobile can now monitor equipment status, with predictive maintenance, and remote management achieved, based on AI and real-time production data.

Simulation. FactVerse Designer enables users to create and edit process simulations. E.g., by editing the motion paths of AGV conveying materials, users can quickly find effective methods for AGV operations optimization, and material loss during running time can be reduced.

Improved collaboration. The multi-end support ensures smooth viewing and management of digital resources between different roles and enhances cross-team collaboration.

Immersive digital experience. All users can view the production status by the “roaming” mode, checking on the 3D factory or equipment with a few clicks, anytime, anywhere.

“The DataMesh FactVerse platform supports the import of CAD models and connects the production data. The most impressive feature is, that it supports users to design digital twin scenarios with zero-code skills required, and it realizes the simulation and planning of the real business and production processes,” said Xu Li, Marketing Director, 5G Smart Application Business Unit, Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co., Ltd., “Our front-line teams are now able to adjust or add production lines, and manage production plans agilely, according to our production capacity goals. The digital twin platform really improves our production and management efficiency.”

DataMesh FactVerse helps leading companies like CICT Mobile to leverage CAD, BIM, IoT, knowledge, process, and other data to build digital twin platforms and applications that can be used by everyone, making digital twins more accessible to empower front-line workers.

DataMesh Director 5 Released

After 18 months of polishing, DataMesh Director 5 just gets released! Compared with the earlier version, Director 5 enables users to build better digital twin workflows. Some notable changes:

  • Significantly improved BIM capabilities, allowing digital twin applications to span construction, supervision, and operation
  • Optimized editing experience, making digital twin content generation more convenient
  • Improved enterprise data security feature, making digital twin more secure on the cloud

Looking back at Director 4, we released the SaaS version of DataMesh Digital Twin Cloud Services (DCS) digital twin platform applications. The platform enabled better-standardized support capability in manufacturing training, after-sales, and construction. Our global customers have reached 100. Now with DataMesh Director 5, we will further enhance the ability to build BIM-based large-space digital twin scenarios, the ability to connect BOM and IoT platforms, and the ability to create hybrid deployments. The improvements will enable complex digital twin systems to become readily available anytime, anywhere.

Improved BIM Support

Multi-level sub-object editing and import
In DataMesh Director 5, users can pre-select the structural information of sub-objects when uploading 3D models in the new DataMesh Importer. In this way, DataMesh Studio can handle multi-level sub-object models more efficiently after importing, which is convenient for users to create content based on object structure.

Support multi-space positioning Marker
Under the new positioning mode of DataMesh Studio, multiple positioning markers are now supported within the digital twin scene. Markers can be printed on paper to enable positioning for cell phones and AR glasses. By scanning the Marker, users can quickly create the virtual-real combination of any location in DataMesh One and retrieve the digital twin content in building construction, maintenance, and operation.

Model masking function
When editing a scene, objects can be set to transparent, retaining their spatial location information and outlines, forming a mask for the virtual image behind them. The mask function allows users to accurately present virtual scene content in multiple directions when building scenes while avoiding the obstruction of the virtual image to the line of sight in the experience. Content creators can use it for better expression of large space scenes and fine-grained content.

Visual datum and ground transparency
Director 5 adds a visual datum concept and provides ground transparency options, enables users to manipulate BIM more efficiently. In DataMesh Studio, the datum can be easily moved by Shift+mouse pull, and the view rotation point is always at the center of the datum. The non-MR mode of One side also supports a similar operation. DataMesh Studio also added a ground transparency option. The transparency of the ground can be adjusted during editing, helping the users view the part below the horizontal plane, for example, buildings and corridors.

Optimized Content Creation Experience

DataMesh Importer
The 3D model and resource import function is now a standalone application, DataMesh Importer, to optimize content creation workflow. You can download it from Microsoft Store and Mac App Store. New content can now be uploaded and optimized without exiting Studio’s editing mode. Self-service 3D model cloud conversion service is currently in internal testing in our Japan region. It will be available in the other regions later this year.

Script objects support quick copy and paste

When editing content in DataMesh Studio, users can now use the object copy and paste shortcut (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) to improve editing efficiency.

Images and videos ‘Always Facing Viewer’
Director 5 adds camera orientation for image and video controls. When the camera orientation option is checked in the Object panel, images and videos will always face the viewer’s camera view, allowing users to view information from different angles.

Restore camera view
DataMesh Studio adds the ability to restore the recorded camera position. Users can restore the last recorded position of the camera with one click.

Temporary object hiding
This feature enhances the experience of editing the content of complex structural objects. (Does not affect DataMesh One)

Web page embedding in AR
Director 5 provides users with web page embedding capabilities to leverage existing enterprise data dashboards, reports, and office system information. Content creators can now insert Web controls directly into the scene using DataMesh Studio. Using DataMesh One, you can display the corresponding Kanban boards on-site with just one click and no custom development required, making it easier to create digital twin applications.

Optimized scene list performance
In Director 4, editing a single scene refreshes all subsequent scenes. As more and more users started to build complex scripts for playbooks, the performance of DataMesh Studio degrades. Director 5 made several optimizations to the Studio’s scene list. When making changes to the scene content, only the current scene preview gets refreshed.

Improved Enterprise Data Security

Login IP allowlist
IT administrators of enterprise tenants can now adjust who can access the services by setting the login IP allowlist in DCS. This new feature restricts reliable user sources to safeguard enterprise data security.

Hybrid Deployment Support
DataMesh Director 5 supports enterprise SaaS/private hybrid deployment to protect sensitive data from leaking. Hybrid deployment creates a physical boundary of CAD drawings. In this way, content creators can desensitize data within a protected environment, facilitating end-users to use the product in public scenarios.

Australia Region Goes Live
To ensure cross-border data compliance, DataMesh Director 5 adds an Australian region to serve customers in the area. The new region is operated by our Australian partner Holovision 3D locally, which is a professional BIM service provider based in Brisbane. Holovision 3D also provides 3D scanning, surveying, and BIM design services.

Management Process Optimization
DCS portal has been optimized to make the registration and login experience smoother. The max number of trial license users has been increased to 4 per tenant.

WebGL deployment
In Director 5.0, DataMesh One starts to support WebGL deployment (WebXR not yet supported). WebGL experience is related to the user’s browser environment. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with DataMesh if you want to join the private testing.

Customers who have already subscribed to DataMesh Director SaaS service can upgrade the client directly. For platform development, live demo or product quote, please get in touch with us at

Create Data Driven Model with 1-Click in DataMesh Director 4.3.6

DataMesh Director 4.3.7 has been released! This version fixed several bugs, made performance improvements, and expanded support for more data types. Most importantly, we added a 1-Click Data-Driven feature in this release for Preview testing. You can contact us for a special license update.

 If you are still using version 4.2, please update ASAP. The old one client/studio does not support the new features introduced in 4.3.

DataMesh Studio
Mac/iPad  PC

DataMesh One
HoloLens 2  iPhone/iPad  Android(Preview, please contact us for APK package) 

For special support of Android/Linux-based AR glasses, such as Magic Leap, Nreal, LLVision, Lenovo, ShadowCreator, please contact us directly.


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