DataMesh Director + HoloLens 2 Bundle

  • Microsoft HoloLens 2 has arrived in batches. Customers who previously signed a contract with DataMesh to purchase the HoloLens 2/DataMesh Director Mixed Reality Training Platform bundle will receive the goods in the coming weeks.
  • DataMesh Director enables off-the-job training, on-the-job guidance, after-sales support, and marketing scenarios with Mixed Reality. The solution has been deployed in several Fortune 500 companies.
  • Please contact your DataMesh Account Manager or for demo and quote.

DataMesh Director + HoloLens 2
New Experience, Better Together

Performance Enhancement

The new Qualcomm 850 processor and HPU 2.0 in Microsoft HoloLens 2 enable DataMesh Director to render more sophisticated 3D models in real-time. In our benchmark, HoloLens 2 can load more than double the model resources in the same scene compared with HoloLens 1. Users wearing HoloLens 2 will be able to see more scene information, get more accurate spatial mapping, and faster operation prompts. These enhancements can help to complete related work more efficiently,ensure the accuracy of the work at the same time.

Comfort Improvement

By balancing the weight, the comforts of the HoloLens 2 is much better than the first generation. Users can now wear it much longer. In the real world, the new solution based on HoloLens 2 can more effectively support the digitization of front-line employees.

Best-in-Class Hand Tracking

The most significant advantage of HoloLens 2 in operation is that it provides the best gesture control to date. It can now track 25 joints of the user’s hands so applications can understand the intention of the user better. DataMesh Director fully adapts this feature. The new operation panel button floats on the user’s left hand. We also added a new user editing mode, and now you can drag and drop parts directly within each scene to improve training efficiency.

For job guidance, the new hand tracking can help the trainee to be better acquainted with the workflow, and ensure the accuracy of each step in the work process, assisting the manager in evaluating and optimizing the employee’s workflow.

DataMesh Industry Solutions

Off-The-Job training

Off-the-job training and guidance platform based on DataMesh Director can help enterprises solve problems such as lack of interaction and experience in the training process. Compared with Microsoft Guides, DataMesh Director can be tailored to your particular industry experience, supports more 3D model formats in the real world. In addition to the basic operation training, we also offer 6 DOF digital twin heavy machinery training simulator platform to help operator training. 

Work Instructions

DataMesh process automation and guidance solutions help companies improve current inspection and maintenance processes. It addresses the problem of the lack of intuitive and standardized guidance for operation and maintenance operations.

After-Sales Support

DataMesh Mixed Reality After-sales Support solution can help enterprises solve problems like high after-sales cost, lack of intuitive and effective ways to communicate the value, cross-regional communication difficulties like language barriers. We support both SaaS and on-premise deployment.

Marketing and Exhibitions

Based on your existing digital materials, DataMesh digital tools can help you to design and show your products in Mixed Reality with ease.  Based on the popular DataMesh Live! Mixed Reality Capture tools, our solution enables enterprises to create astonishing product marketing videos and exhibitions with real-time rending. 

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DataMesh Director 3.1 Now Supports Microsoft HoloLens 2

DataMesh Director version 3.1 –  the training guidance content creation platform has been released!  With new Microsoft HoloLens 2 and iOS support, users can quickly creates 3D manuals with zero code and then publish to MR and AR devices.

1. UX Upgrade

We revamped the interface of the product. Stage panel and Action List functionare added to smooth the operation. The interface now provides more information without affecting the original editing process.

User Interface

  • User can now adjust the angle of observation by the camera angle of view, and can easily select, rotate and shift sub-objects. We also made optimizations to the Library and Object panels, making the organization of the documents much easier.

Stage Panel and Action List

  • The Stage panel is designed to help the user to manage the stages in the storybook. The concept of Stage Panel is similar with PowerPoint slides panel – it can be switched by the user to view the details of each stage.  
  • Action List can be used to view multiple action content at the same time without affecting the editing process.

2. Better Cross Devices Support

New Microsoft HoloLens 2 support! You can now seamlessly switch and collaborate between iOS devices, HoloLens and PC/Tablets. Android device support coming soon.

Microsoft HoloLens 2 and iOS Support

  • With Microsoft HoloLens 2’s ToF camera and powerful gesture capabilities, users can now use gestures to manipulate content  through Director.  iOS device support allows users to directly use the iPhone, iPad for mixed-reality capture. DataMesh Player has been published on the Apple App Store ( Please search DataMesh in the App Store or click to visit ).

Feature Upgrade and Backward Compatiblity

  • In order to adapt with more hardware platforms, the new version has made a few adjustments to the default user interface. This interface experience can be changed with customization.   The new version will be compatible with content generated by Director 2.3 and 3.0 above. 

Learn more about DataMesh Director:

Please note: Starting with version 3.2, Director will remove HoloLens 1 support. The future version will focus on HoloLens 2 and other next-generation AR Glasses. The support lifecycle of verison 3.1 is six months.