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The contract of DataMesh products are not subject to change and cancellation at will.

  1. A valid return and exchange must be accompanied by the original invoice (except the electronic invoice), the original packaging of the manufacturer, and all gifts. Failure to provide all of the items mentioned above may result in delayed / failed returns or additional costs.
  2. All physical products included in the products sold must be reasonably maintained (such as the external device body must not be scratched, worn, etc.) and will not affect the resale of the products (please do not send the product directly back to the package, please add extra express paper package).
  3. Special instructions for return and exchange of software products: There is no problem of unavailability. If it has been activated, it will not be returned.
  4. If the customer cannot meet the company’s return and exchange conditions, the mall reserves the right to reject any request for return.
  • About delivery time:

If you have already paid for the product, orders paid before 6pm will be shipped the same day, and orders paid after 6pm will be shipped the next day.

  • About the arrival time:

When your account is activated, we will send the activation information to your email, and you can use it after you log in.

If your business is significantly impacted or encounters a severe drop in online traffic, we recommend that you submit an after-sales work order for timely response and priority processing.

While we help deal with incidents as quickly as possible, we also hope that customers can provide us with sufficient resources and grant reasonable permissions. To maximize efficiency, we want our customers to respond immediately when we contact.

Our response time is determined by each user’s account permissions and the type of question submitted. We will try our best to make the initial response within the following time range: The initial contact response time is within 24 hours (response around the clock).

The total time we need to solve the problem depends on the complexity of the problem. However, our team will work closely with you to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

For ordinary users, you can contact us by phone: 010-85715801 and email us at

If you are an enterprise project user, you can also contact us by phone and technical project manager, etc.

DataMesh support covers the development and production of all DataMesh products and services. The scope of support covers the following:

-Solve the troubleshoot technical issues related to DataMesh products.

-Solve the issues with DataMesh’s API and SDK.

-Solve operational or system issues related to DataMesh resources

-DataMesh console or official DataMesh tool.

To ensure system stability, the user must not perform the following operations. Otherwise, problems caused by the following violations may not be solved:

-Please refer to the official configuration scheme for hardware configuration. Product usage problems due to unreasonable hardware configuration or unsuitable system environment.

-How to install software on the hardware, please refer to the product installation instructions provided on the official website or update the product after iteration by yourself.

-How to upgrade memory for more effective storage and computing space.

-Hardware display quality or product failure issues.

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