FactVerse Designer

Out-of-the-box Industrial Metaverse/Digital Twin Scene Designer

An out-of-the-box industrial metaverse designer enables the construction of highly visual digital twin scenarios through simple drag-and-drop actions. It efficiently standardizes and transforms enterprise 3D data, organizing it into digital twin environments that empower industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and logistics.


FactVerse Designer

Edit scene

1. Login: Use your account and password to log in to FactVerse Designer.
2. Create a new template: Open the digital twin template and enter the digital twin editing area.
3. Edit digital twin template: You can create a new digital twin template or open an existing one for editing and customization.
4. Edit behavior tree: Click Add Behavior Tree and add the behavior tree to the digital twin template.
5. Edit scene: Click the Open button under Digital Twin Scene and enter the Digital Twin Scene editing interface.

6. Edit scene: You can drag digital twins, resources, and tools for the scene edition.

7. Import: (If you need more creative resources, you can apply for content packages on the official website, under Help & Support > Hands-on Lab interface). Click Import to import the Hands-on Lab content package into FactVerse Designer for use.

8. Once imported successfully, you can use it in FactVerse Designer. 

Manage resources

9. Log in to the FactVerse Services platform, click Digital Assets, and select Digital Twins.
10. You can create templates, digital twins, scenes, and attribute groups in the Digital Twins module.
11. You can manage resources in the Resources module as well.
  • If you are interested in learning more about scene design and production, please visit Hands-on Lab.
  • For more product features or technical specifications, please visit the Knowledge Base.
  • If you have any other questions or suggestions during the product trial, feel free to contact service@datamesh.com. We are happy to assist you!