DataMesh Checklist

Step-by-step AR Guidance

It’s a work order system for managing inspections using digital twin scenarios and XR content. It simplifies the inspection process by specifying personnel, locations, timing, methods, and standards. This ensures a smooth loop for checking content, assigning tasks, executing tasks, and recording results. Additionally, it uses XR content to guide inspections, making the whole process more efficient.


DataMesh Checklist

Upload resources and create inspection templates

1.  Upload scenarios: Use DataMesh Studio to create and upload the scenario file required for the inspection (For more information on scenario creation, please refer to the DataMesh Director User Manual).

2. Upload resources: Log in to the FactVerse Services platform and upload supplementary resources such as images, videos, PDF files, etc., for additional explanations.

3. Create inspection templates: Create a new inspection template, associate the scenario, and define inspection steps and corresponding reference materials for the template.

Create a task

(Taking "Different types of equipment inspection" as an example)

1. Add scenes: On the FactVerse Services platform, navigate to the Equipment Inspection -> Inspection Plan module, and add scenes required for the inspection.

2. Configure inspection plan: Create a new inspection plan and configure the inspection method: configure inspection points, corresponding inspection templates for each point, key steps, and required recording method. Choose the digital twin of the equipment, define whether to start tasks by scanning a QR code, and configure personnel and scheduling.

Execute the inspection task

1. Equipment inspection: Log in to Checklist. If a scenario has been associated, you can play the scenario, or click on the scenario page to view the inspection instructions for each step and conduct the inspection.

2. Mark equipment status: Mark the equipment status based on the inspection conditions.

3. Equipment inspection: Complete the remaining inspection points or equipment.

View records and statistics

1.View, download, and annotate inspection records: Log in to the FactVerse Services platform and navigate to the Inspection Records. Filter and view inspection records based on name, type, inspector, and state.

2. View equipment exception records: You can review equipment anomalies, including repeated inspections, abnormal equipment QR code scanning, skipped equipment inspections, equipment status marked as abnormal, etc., and download the details.

3. Annotate: You can annotate the entire inspection record and each inspection step.

4.Inspection statistics: You can check equipment status, inspection frequency, and details of equipment-related tasks.

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