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In DataMesh One, an information pane is provided to help users view resource information and better understand the content in the scene. Through the information pane, users can obtain the following resource-related information:

    • Resource name: Displays the name of the resource, helping users quickly identify the selected resource.
    • Model properties: Provides related information such as model attributes and node attributes. The information contained within these properties can help users understand the characteristics and structure of the model.
    • Engineering Information: Engineering information in the BIM file properties includes display options, identity data, constraints, dimensions, and other metadata. These details are used to describe elements in architectural design, such as door types. Display options can define the appearance of doors, such as color and line styles. Identity data can include the name, number, and material information of the door, used for annotations and identification. Constraints ensure the correct placement of doors within walls and alignment with other elements. Dimensions represent the width, height, and thickness of the door, providing size-related information.


1. In the case of opening a resource or playing an event, select the resource to be viewed in the scene.

2. Press the Info button  on the right side to expand the resource information pane.

3. In the resource information pane contains more details, such as model name and node name.

4. To collapse the resource information pane, press the Info button again.

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