Create Data Driven Model with 1-Click in DataMesh Director 4.3.6

DataMesh Director 4.3.7 has been released! This version fixed several bugs, made performance improvements, and expanded support for more data types. Most importantly, we added a 1-Click Data-Driven feature in this release for Preview testing. You can contact us for a special license update.

 If you are still using version 4.2, please update ASAP. The old one client/studio does not support the new features introduced in 4.3.

DataMesh Studio
Mac/iPad  PC

DataMesh One
HoloLens 2  iPhone/iPad  Android(Preview, please contact us for APK package) 

For special support of Android/Linux-based AR glasses, such as Magic Leap, Nreal, LLVision, Lenovo, ShadowCreator, please contact us directly.



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