DataMesh Solutions

Urban Twin

DataMesh Mixed Reality platform enables Smart City solutions to quickly create compelling storyboard for their presentations. Connected with DataMesh DataMix, IoT data can be further leveraged to create Digital Twin of the city.

Layout & Visualization

Based on the spatial capabilities of Microsoft HoloLens & DataMesh Live!, enterprise users can drop 3D objects into real world easily. With the design and planning features of DataMesh Director, hologram story-telling in real environment is no longer a dream.

BIM 3D Model Import

DataMesh Director & DataMesh Cloud Services can connect with Glodon BIMFace, Unity/Pixyz to import various BIM file types, such as Revit and Sketchup. With build-in/3rd party optimization, the model can be used with Director to provide Mixed Reality experience for your end users.

DataMesh Product & Services

DataMesh Director & Cloud Services

DataMesh Director is an enterprise level mixed reality design and collaboration platform. It provides great features like CAD import, fast storyboard creation, layout design, MR cloud, multi-user collaboration and presentation. It can also be integrated with DataMesh DataMix knowledge graph to provide Mixed Reality training and guidance in real-time.

DataMesh DataMix

DataMesh DataMix integrates with enterprise data, using Machine Learning and NLP to generate knowledge graph for business applications automatically. Based on input data like location, machine error id, part number, DataMix can recommend the right solution and expert contact to first-line workers. With the input from IoT sensors, DataMix can be used to build predictive maintenance apps.

Consulting & Deployment Services

DataMesh product and services can be deployed both on-premise and on cloud. The consulting team will engage with your business team and create detailed requirement analysis and design. Custom LOB apps can be created on top of DataMesh PaaS and leverage all capabilities the platform provides.