FactVerse Hands-on Lab

Explore the FactVerse Hands-on Lab (HOL), offering a comprehensive suite of tools, scenarios, and downloadable content (DLC). Follow our guidance to create your own digital twin and metaverse content, including intricate business operations scenes. Ready to embark on your first metaverse journey?

The LCAP FactVerse requires no coding experience or skills, introducing an open-world gaming structure and a rapid scene designer to the business world. 

Out-of-the-box Toolkits

Readily usable apps like DataMesh Director and Inspector, addressing Training, Experience, Monitor, and Simulation (TEMS) needs.

Drag-and-Drop Experience

A PPT-like plug-and-play experience for efficient app development and content creation.

Tangible ROI

Bringing the metaverse concept down to earth, businesses can create data-driven digital twin scenes at a low cost.