DataMesh Remote Expert

Powerful Mixed Reality Supporting System

DataMesh Remote Expert enterprise intelligent hybrid real-time remote expert system provides enterprise users with important functions such as expert management, audio and video call, knowledge base/knowledge map construction, and supports multiple hardware, adapt to various network environments, in maintenance guidance, after-sales service. Services, skills training and other scenarios have a wide range of applications.

Hands free

DataMesh Remote Expert provides expert contact inquiry and one-click calling function, which can quickly connect with remote experts directly through voice and video; natural control methods such as voice and gestures are convenient for front-line personnel; it has stable cooperation environment and voice and pictures. , text and other types of real-time interaction capabilities.

3d guidance

DataMesh Remote Expert combined with DataMesh Director can directly project the 3D process guides designed by Director into the remote workspace, allowing experts to share the required operations to the frontline staff in the interactive process.

Smart recommendation

DataMesh DataMix, backed by DataMesh Remote Expert, uses machine learning and natural language processing technology to help enterprises quickly and quickly build knowledge maps in vertical fields. It can also collect and process data in work scenes for analysis in real-time during human-computer interaction. Solution intelligence is recommended for users of specific scenarios.。

Cross Device Collaboration

DataMesh Remote Expert is compatible with AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality) multiple head-mounted devices, and a variety of tablet devices, and developed corresponding App applications and H5 web pages for different mobile terminals and desktops to help users in different Solve the puzzle in the scene.

Empower First-line Workers

Maintenance Guide

There are many high-precision instruments in the manufacturing industry. In the event of damage or reduced manufacturing accuracy, front-line employees may not be able to repair in time due to lack of expert guidance. And the request for expert home repair, cost and time is very high. Using DataMesh Remote Expert for expertly guided repairs can improve maintenance efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

Remote Support

DataMesh Remote Expert solves the problem of after-sales support limitations due to geographical restrictions, enabling experts to solve technical problems for customers anytime and anywhere.


Experts can use DataMesh Remote Expert to perform inspection and inspection, language explanation, efficient and accurate inspection, and complete skill detection tasks. The mixed reality technology detection effect used by DataMesh Remote Expert is not possible in the current pure language explanation.

DataMesh Remote Expert is good for our remote support scenarios.




We generally license our software using Nodes/Consumption model. For on-premise, per-node license is used. Each node can process certain numbers of data items. There is a service assurance fee per year. 

That is depending on the scope. Generally speaking, if the deployment plan is settled, the real deployment and LOB App building process is pretty fast – no more than 12 weeks.

Contact our consultant team and create a high level deployment plan! We will help you to define each milestones to make sure your project to be successful. 

DataMesh Remote Expert推荐使用 Microsoft Azure作为底层云平台。